Complaint about Mirrors


I had the problem with the mirrors and molding. I complaint Drivehere about this to tighten the rear view mirror, fix the crack driver side mirror and to fix the molding on the driver side door. I left the car on Thursday. I was given 2 days time and i I went there Saturday. Mechanic there tighten the exhaust system and fixed the molding on the door. The right side mirror also replaced even though it has no guarantee. Before leaving mechanic take the test drive and assured me that the car was good and there were no leaks. Whole process takes 2 days. 

Complaint about Cd Player

Within 2 months after purchase, the radio and cd player had some issues. I think the Cd Player is not fitted correctly and does not match the size. Also while driving if during the bumps the dashboard jumps off towards the wheel all the way across. I Talked with Amy on the phone who was from the sales staff, she replied that they will replace the new player and fix issues with dashboard and i have not to pay for it.  A sincere thanks

I purchased a car from drivehere 2007 Ford Taurus SEL and after one week radio goes haywire and speaker stop working. I went back to the dealership and told Ray my sales rep about the condition. Ray checked the radio and speakers. The technican replaced the mechanism with new one. I was there for three hours to resolve the issue.  

I seen a 2001 Dodge Caravan at Drivehere and i decided to purchase it. It had the ABS/Traction light on. I told Jurie about this. She told me the problem will be fixed. When I came to pick up the car again next day it still had the same problem. That should been a red light. I told her I don't feel safe. I told her that I'm returning the car. She told that you can back and choose another car of same model. I agree totally for what she says and return home with another car of same model.

I got the new job and needed the car on lease. I leased 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser from drivehere. I've had to have the timing belt problem, it was replaced twice in 2 years. That's not even good enough for me because they demand more time. I needed a car or I was going to lose my job. I had no idea what I was getting myself into! I talked with manager victor about this. He asked me that the belt problem will be fixed as soon as possible. For the time being i was given the loaner car. My car was ready within 2 days. 

Complaint about Insurance


I purchased a car from Drive here in November 2010 and I had accident on May 21 2011 which resulted in my car being totaled. I didn't have any problems with my car. I purchased the "insurance" from Drive here and it doesn't cover whole things because it's not insurance, it’s a damage waiver. I talked with the manager victor and michaeI my sales rep at drivehere. They asked me to pay 500$ and said that 300$ will be refunded to your account. Basically I had the insurance policy with State Farm, so $500 deductable with State Farm AND a $500 deductable to be payed to Drive here! So i have not to pay many more to repair my car. 

Complaint of Overheating

The car 2002 Acura RSX Auto which i purchased from Drivehere started the overheating problems. The AC has stopped working. I call and told Manager Victor and Maria my sales rep about the car overheating problem and they tell me to bring it in. They tell me that it needs a water pump and some other parts. They fixed the water pump and other parts including AC without taking any payment from me. Thanks

Complaint about Test Drive


I first went to Drive here in November of 2010, I test drove a vehicle which was a 2004 Chevrolet Aveo SVM, and the sales person that drove with me whose name was Maria did the figures to see what my monthly payments would be and I was told I could take the vehicle home that day. We back to the drivehere and I told them that vehicle which i had taken for test drive was no good. They asked to pick another one from the lot. I was then put into one vehicle, that cause some noise. Then was put into a next vehicle which starts without any problem and without noise.  When I decided ok, I am going to leave and just look around, the mgr whose name is Victor came out and he said that you can take test drive now on this vehicle and can take this vehicle to home. After doing necessary paperwork and formalities i was on my way in that car.

Complaint about Time Taken to Fix Problem


In April 2009 I purchased a car 2005 Chevrolet Malibu Base from drivehere and had some issues with the car but I needed a car so I took it back and forth to the deal for issues with the engine, breaks, leaks and noise. In March 2010, I had to get an inspection and I took it to the shop in Conshohocken and they did the inspection. So I had a loaner car from them and without any cost technicians fixed the problems with my original car and this whole process takes 3- 4 days time. I have had the main issue with the time taken to solve the problem but sales rep frank replied me that due to shortage of spare parts it takes time. Well i was satisfied with his reply.

We seen an ad on the for and we are in need of a cheap car due to less credit. We called them and they said we had to be living within the 50 miles of their business. They tell us to come on down and pick out a car more or less. We drove 15 miles to them. Sales rep mely talked with us and took down the address were my fiance works at. She goes over to the manager and he looked up where he worked at and said its was too many miles that the warranty would run out quick. We said okay we didn’t care about that and that we were moving closer to his job. The sales rep Mely tried to talk to the manager victor again. Victor called us in his office and after doing the necessary paper we back with the car to home. 
I bought a car 2002 Saturn vue from drivehere. I gave 300 down, and 100 for in insurance. I had my car about five month and 2 weeks before it broke down. I called Drivehere and talked with victor (general manager) and frank. They send the guy to tow my car. They kept the car for 2 days. I asked about the payment needed to fix the problem. They asked me to pay half of the cost which is not very much. So the problem was fixed without any hassle. I appreciate their effort.

Complaint about Oil Pressure

I had my car since 5/09. Since then my car 2003 Dodge Caravan SE has been in the shop 2 times at least for the same problem each time. My car losses oil pressure. I contact Michael and he asked the car problem will be fixed as soon as possible. So without any extra charges the oil pressure problem of my car fixed.

Electrical System Complaint

I have had my car from drive here for almost two years and have had to have it repaired 2 times. 3 months after purchasing my car the timing belt went and I complained. I got them to fix it for free and they did. I have been having other issues lately as well. There is something wrong with the electrical system and sometimes when I go to unlock the car door with the key, it won't unlock!!! I complained them about this. Sales staff Amy, Frank, Ray and others listen my complaints carefully. Without any charge my problem fixed.

I saw there advertisement on TV and I thought well I will try it.  When they told me the price of the car it was a little bit over its book value including interest which I accepted.  I was asking for another key to my car which is a chip key that cost at the most $60-$70. I found hard to get a simple key but Amy not turned me down. She talked with the manager and i have not to pay for another key.  People today may have bad credit and can take advantage of it just because people are in dying need of a car. Sales staff is good. 

Transmission Problem


I got my car on Dec.21, 2009 I took my car back to them on the 23 of Dec. And I have took it back 2 times . I have the problems of the transmission  and they knew, that they suppose to fix it or a new one The last time my car was in service was May 14 2010 and I got my car back on May 28 2010 My car have the same problems. I called today and ask them when are they going to fix my transmission and also my locks will not lock and and I pay my payments on times. Michael from the service department sort out my problem without any cost. I liked his effort